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We know how to convert. It’s easy for us, but no one will do the hard work. What's the hard work? Ok, we're essentially proctologists. Your customers have a pain in their butt, and this is our job to find it.

Why Choose Us As Marketing Partner

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Having MCO 3.0 in place, there is surely no need for us to emphasize the importance of digital marketing for your business anymore. Before making this paramount decision for your company, we, most of the time, look at the affordability and quality of the digital marketing services provided.

But wait, how do you know if a marketing company’s services are really as good as how they say it is? Never try, never know, isn’t it?

Is there nothing else that we can look at besides the numbers and prices tagged on these services?

Digital Marketing Package and Pricing

“What are some of your digital marketing packages?” is one of the most asked questions that we received from many of the inquiries.

Other marketing agencies may have offered you the pricing of their services structured in various packages. The amount of productivity and effort allocated for the project of your business is then decided based on the price you pay.

Sadly, our capitalistic world has normalized sincerity driven by numbers. Hence, the next response that you’ll get from other digital marketing agency is probably:

  • Package 1: I will help you grow your business a little bit when I am free. Sign up this package for 6 months.
  • Package 2: I will help you grow your business better than package 1. Sign up this package for 6 months.
  • Package 3: I will help you grow your business as much as I can if you pay me for this package. Sign up this package for 6 months.

Judging from the description of each package above, you can most likely predict their respective prices.

Now, before you make the decision, what is your purpose of having a digital marketing team?

  1. You want to generate more sales and leads.
  2. You want to tell your business story.
  3. You want to grow your business and brand online.
  4. You want your customers to remember you.

Did we get that right?

At IMIM, we care for your success as much as you do.

Therefore, we do not sell any packages like other digital marketing agencies do. We are here to partner with you as a marketing team. We provide directions, techniques, and strategies of digital marketing for every business. We walk with you together through the success paths.

Your company is valuable. We tailor-make paths that is customized just for you, attracting both existing and prospective customers based on their shopping behavior and deliver customers experience that is above and beyond.

We are Selective Digital Marketing Agency

We do not waste your time and our time. If we think that you have no confident in your products/services to sell on the Internet or digital world, we will suggest you to look for another digital marketing agency,

We only partnering with our clients that both of us have confidence in producing the best results with our capabilities. That is why, we ensure that we come up with effective SOLUTIONS and STRATEGIES, but NOT Packages to sell you services with limited effort provided based on how much you pay. 

If you are looking for those typical types of digital marketing agencies that go with the flow, that is not us.

We have proven results that we are real to be your marketing partner

We have worked with many companies and have spent over hundred thousand ringgits on digital marketing to produce massive results for them.

Why is this important?

With the collaborations that we had with other companies; the data leveraged in our winning campaigns increase the success rate of our frameworks. We constantly tweak and improve our plans and strategies to prevent businesses from making the same mistakes.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important aspect in digital marketing. It determines the efficacy and the success of your marketing journey. Good SEO equals to a sturdy foundation for your digital marketing plans. If SEO experts promise you a first-place ranking, beware. With the volatility and fluidity of online traffic, it is impossible to get a guarantee. Do not believe in overpromising deals.

A simple way to check if a marketing agency is good in SEO is to evaluate their own website. A good company always starts with improving themselves. Partnering with us means seeing real results as we don’t do lazy work. We don’t act rigidly, but instead, drive our clients towards desired success using white hat strategies. Read our SEO code of ethics.

AS YOUR MARKETING PARTNER, We are resourceful 

This is why we use expensive paid software like SEMrush for SEO,  Hootsuite for social media planner, Hotjar for heat map user tracking combined with free tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Facebook insights and Facebook library.

But what is best is that, we, IMIM have our own secret tool to dig out your competitors’ customer data including emails, names, phone numbers, home addresses, office addresses, and financial accounts. We can then utilize the information and redirect the traffic to your own company. In short, they become your customers. Yours.

We are experienced, We know how you feel as a business owner

Business mindset. Unlike the new digital marketing agencies run by kids, our founders are equipped with trusted business background and knowledge, including both online and offline sales experiences. We are a grown business with an eyesight that spots opportunities and a mindset that executes the best ideas, allowing for your business to gain the best advantages with existing resources.

We created IMIM with you in mind

We know that you may not have a full team of members for your marketing department. You may be running all the marketing errands yourself, or you may have just one or two staff members working day and night as marketing support to accomplish your ambitious goals.

In either scenario, there is most likely not enough time for you to achieve your goals. Or, maybe, you have completely no clue with what you’re doing, and you just need some help. Some help that doesn’t cost extremely expensive. Services that are diverse, skilled, and more affordable than bringing in more employees.

If you can relate to any of the above, talk to us. IMIM is truly created to help you grow your business.



Let’s schedule a phone call or a zoom meeting and talk about your marketing goal and see if we’re a good fit to partner with. No obligations.

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