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Website Design Case Study

Rtist Website Landing Page

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Rtist Malaysia Case Study for Landing Web Design Pj Selangor

The Story Behind

We partnered with Malaysia Leading Creative Platform Rtist Team to create a semantic HTML Landing Page for their digital advertising campaign. We built a website that is high loading speed page and yet with correct analytics tracking report implemented. They are ready for conversion.

Rtist Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM



A leader in its industry, Rtist is a Malaysian-based creative job platform which connects local creative talents to businesses. Rtist's mission is to help Malaysian creative minds to get hired, showcases their work and encourages networking with the other 4000 Rtist talents. From graphic design, web design to writing, businesses can find their business partners easily to outsource tasks and therefore refocus on their core business

Our Cooperation

Rtist needed help to create a good-looking and high-converting landing page for its website. As its team is composed mainly by web professionals like web marketers and web developers, they were very clear of what they wanted.

But, wait a minute. They could have done the job themselves, right? Yes, sure but Rtist’s team was fully occupied when the need of changing the landing page emerged. Thus, they had to outsource the job.

As Rtist needed an HTML high-end well-coded landing page, they contacted us because we know how to code such pages in the highest professional level quality.

rtist mock up landing page
2 rtist mock up landing page
2 rt3 rtist mock up landing page

The Challenge

Rtist gave us the mission to create a new and impactful landing page that converts. Also, their website faced several issues that needed to be fixed. After a thorough analysis, we discovered that the user experience was unsatisfying, leading the initial landing page to convert poorly. 

The Opportunity

The opportunity to work on Rtist’s project was challenging and required Imim’s team’s full knowledge. Excited by the project, we jumped on it to tackle each problem one by one.

Working with Rtist team created an incredibly powerful partnership as they understood the technical aspects of the project. As a result, we were well understood and focused on the followings:

To make the project succeed, we came up with a turnkey solution through a precise strategy and a plan of execution that enabled IMIM to be a one-stop-shop quick fix for Rtist


After an in-depth investigation and discussion with Rtist, We created a project strategy and planned our next steps to have each aspect under control. Besides, we used shared project management tools and efficient communication to work on the project. We went through the following mandatory steps:

The Execution

By using our rock-solid strategy and our clear vision on the project, we proceeded to the execution part, which included:

  • PSD to semantic HTML conversion of the page thanks to our professional-level code abilities and the use of a popular static site generator tool: Hugo. 
  • SEO improvements of the website
  • Mobile-Friendly optimization
  • UX/UI elements for an enhanced customer experience
  • A more user-friendly website with a speed loading improved
  • Accurate Google analytics of the website
  • Cross-browser & device testing
Rtist Creative Platform Malaysia Case Study Landing Page from IMIM Pj

The result of rtist landing page case study malaysia

We delivered an entirely redesigned landing page that is well equipped to convert by enhancing the user experience as a whole. The top-notch look created for the landing page reflects better Rtist nowadays brand which strengthens its consistency. On the new website, colours are catchier, and the look is fresher giving to the website a second life. Also, marketing tools have been rationalized, and the loading speed page is optimized to provide the best user experience possible. In addition, we focused on the mobile experience to make it smoother. Finally, Google analytics is now running correctly, which enable Rtist to understand its customers’ profile and aspirations more accurately.

2 rt3 rtist mock up landing page
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Aug 2020
Aug 2020
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