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A Website needs to make your visitors the hero of the story, aiding them on their journey to the promised land - the sale.



Get a new Website or Re-Design Your website + Free GOOGLE ADs 

Let’s say you invest a new website cost about RM3000. We design your website and manage your google advertisement for your business in a month and get back the sales RM9000. That is 1:3 ratio Return on Investment (ROI) Would not be good for you if 1:10?

How can you be sure a new website can get sales easily?

Your website need to be focused on your web visitors’ problem.

Because when it comes to a great website,

It’s not about you. Or me. Or the brand.

It is about your customer!

It is just like what you are reading on our website now. We focus on our customer’s business success rather then a web agency who focuses on website features, the design, agency’s profits just to call the work done.

What is the catch for helping?
– You get the results, we get recommended from your friends. 
– Let’s say you have sales now from our help. Would you continue with our services for a long term period?

Rtist Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM
Vcorp Capital Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM
Beebieshrimp Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM
Chooi Chin Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM

Pictures the above are some of our past work.

Vlogistics Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM
CAM Malaysia Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM
DCH Web Design Portfolio a mockup screen from website designer in Pj Malaysia by IMIM

Pictures the above are some of our past work.


Your new website will never be the same as others

We believe every business is unique. We design website something that you have never seen before.

What will your customers give you the first impression on your website?

Look at the new website!!

  • You are serious about your business
  • You are reliable & original
  • You are innovative & fresh modernistic

What is the best is…

A high quality website built with special motion effects on it comes with high loading speed page website. That is why not many web designers dare to build motion effects and put on details on your website.

An Example Of Designed Motion Effect Done On Our Client Website.

An Example Of Designed Motion Effect Done On Our Client Website.


Most business owners come to us just want to have a simple website. Why?

  • No ideas what they want and independent 
  • Don’t have a website and need one website urgently
  • Don’t understand how to utilise their website
  • Believing a website can get some sales/leads
  • Afraid of customers don’t know what they are offering

Peace of mind from us now. Why?

  • We plan and research first before building your website and tease out the gold by stalking your competitors and build 10x better website then your competitor
  • Simple is good but attention to details design skills from us is vital
  • We will guide you how to use your website so you don’t have to pay more expensive maintenance fee in the future. We will train you how to use Google Analytics to track your web visitors and study them then improve your product and services from data.
  • Free consulting how to get massive website sales
  • Understandable and Friendly Website Experience (UI/UX)
Local SEO Services Malaysia


Let me give you an example from our customer’s problem.

Vt-piano.com is a piano supplier in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. At first they are very skeptical about website and they are very relying on walk in store and Facebook because their previous website had discontinued. But then we drew out the solutions, website plan & Google Ads.

From the first to two week of his website launched. 15 piano orders have been received.

  • We studied their competitors
  • We researched their market & industry
  • We learned about their customers

Then we built their piano website focused on happy-go-luck and clean design style with children happily playing piano that is the point.

The Best secret resources… was from our comprehensive Google Ads setup free for them. We can dare to say their Return On Investments (ROI) more than 1:10 Ratio.


IMIM Web design and Digital Marketing Company Team PJ Immersive Marketing Agency

7 Inhouse brainers focus on your website project

Some of Our Website Design Work

At Immersive Marketing (IMIM), our creativity and marketing mindset is a source of pride. We built website with hard efforts for each single client to bring them towards the success they have worked hard for.
ATS web design portfolio mockup
Finance Website
CNC Metal Machining web design portfolio mockup
Manufacturer Website
My Packaging web design portfolio mockup
Packaging Website
Chooi Chin & Co web design portfolio mockup
Lawyer Website
soy2grow web design portfolio mockup
Fertilizer Website
Mobile Mockup of ESS website portfolio 1
Electrical Webste
Rock Martin web design portfolio mockup
Point App Webste
Mobile Mockup of DCH website portfolio 1
Manpower Webste
Web Design Portfolio Hiap Cheng 4
Logistics Website
Rtist web design portfolio mockup
Creative Website
Ivy Kon & Partners web design portfolio mockup
Corporate Website
Highland coffee global web design portfolio mockup
Coffee Website


If you don't find any of our work related to your industries. That is fine, why? because we believe every businesses is special and design your website according to our strategic plan and research.

Website design  package & specs 

We respect your investment. So when you work with us. Every details and deliverable items below is given a checklist for you and your business directors to check any missed out elements.


One time payment (no recurring) for a new website

– Content Management System (CMS WordPress where we build the backend for you to update and manage on your own easily without knowledge of coding)

– A Fully responsive website that will adapt itself to all screen sizes. (compatible with desktop, tablet, or mobile screens)

– 100% Optimized user experience to give the best experience and create a strong brand presence with a high converting interface. (A Friendly User experience website / User Interface development)

– 1 Free video edited for you to put on website (Not video shooting – We will put stock video and edit it related to your industry to capture web visitors attention <10sec)

– Customize design (A custom-built website is designed and developed purely for you, with your business in mind. We do not use cheap templates because we believe a website can be a very powerful tool when done correctly, but a poorly-executed one will work against your corporation.)

– Social media integrations like link to FB TW IG or share buttons (Allow your site visitors to quickly access your social media profiles.)

– Full motion effects to catch the attention of visitors (A powerful set of controls for adding beautiful transitions and animations to your page design.) *Latest Website Trend using WebGL effects.

– Unlimited licensed photo/ paid stock photo to be used on the website. (Stock photography is the supply of photographs that are often licensed for specific uses like on the website or any other print materials)

– Website Page Speed Optimization (Slow-loading websites kill conversions. In fact, 47% of consumers expect websites to load in three seconds or less. And 40% will abandon a page that takes five or more seconds.)

– Basic On-site SEO Optimization

– Custom Contact Us Form/Inquiry form . (Custom Contact Us or Business Opportunity Form/inquiry form to get more leads)

– 6 months free support from the first payment onward. (Guide you or your marketing department on how to use
WordPress for updates and collect data, Maintaining and ensure the site is stable, Fix bugs/errors if any and plugin
resetting ONLY)

– 30 minutes Website Training on google meet/zoom or in your office or Our office in PJ.

– Included one Video tutorial How-To-Update-Website

– 100% Ownership (We give our clients 100% ownership of the website following the final payment received for web development. This means for whatever reason our client decides to take his/her site down, transfer it to another hosting company, or dissolve the business relationship entirely, we give full control to the client.)

1 Month Free Google Search Advertising setup and manage


One time payment (no recurring) for add on package

Custom form Online Payment

Membership / Community System

Booking Rental System

Appointment / Reservation System

Event / Exhibition System

Online Learning, Teaching and Training System (LMS)

Quotation system or Cost Calculator

Product Catalog Upgrade

Website Content Writing

Translation Web Content

Hosting and Domain Add On

Ultra fast delivery 2-3days Option

Facebook pixel integration

Google Analytics Integration

Website Backup System

Advanced Security Monitoring System

Newsletter / Mail Subscriber System

One time payment (no recurring) for Ecommerce Upgrade

Add Display MSRP prices

Add Advance Reviews System

Add Reward Points System

Add Recover Abandoned Cart

Add Cross Selling Marketing System

Add Pre-Orders System

Add Advance Thank You Page

Add Multi Locations Inventory Management System

Add Waitlist System

Add SMS System To Engaged Puchased Buyers

Add Currency Switcher System

Turn your Online Shop into Membership or Restriction Only For Member

Upgrade Affiliate Program System

Upgrade Dropshipping System for Dropshippers

Autocount System on your Online shop

Add on B2B Or Wholesale System

Add Online Shop POS System

Our Website design package comes with comprehensive tasks to make your website successful

But if you ever find it better specs than us, please make sure you got the checklist what they have done to your website. 


The people behind your new website project.
We pour all our efforts and sweats just to make your web design project a successful one in this Digital World.

Lucian Yong

Lucian Yong – Idealist

David Cheng

David Cheng – Techie

Pei Yong

Pei Yong – Illusionist

Pei Yin

Pei Yin – Strategist

Pei Ern

Pei Ern – Artist

Matthew Lai

Matthew Lai – Warmonger

Kuo Ming

Humming – Warmonger


At Immersive Marketing (IMIM), we believe that every client is unique. For this reason, we believe in delivering exceptional results that are tailored to your company’s needs. Our team of experts is here to deliver unmatched and personalized digital marketing strategies and high-quality web design.

As the world ground to a halt in 2020, we accepted the challenge to help our clients through difficult economic times.

Despite the global pandemic, the IMIM team worked tirelessly to support our clients in scaling their business and generating millions of ringgits of additional revenue. We understand the pressures of navigating the current economic climate and strive to deliver our unique strategy that has helped our
previous clients exceed their goals.

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’re here to bring you market-leading strategies to take your business to the next level.


They have been staying with us since we started this team. Our customer retention rate is more than 95% higher. Thank you again and my apologize if your company logo is not here.

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Ready to start the conversation? Let’s schedule a phone call, talk about your initial plans, and see if we’re a good fit. No obligations. FREE 1 MONTH GOOGLE MANAGEMENT FOR OUR NEW WEBSITE CLIENTS!

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