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Ways to Get More Customers at Lower Costs using Facebook Ads

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These days, Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to draw customers in to your business. With how many countless hours people spend on Facebook every day, getting an ad on their feed is a must. But ads can be expensive, to the point where your business may not be making enough money to make up the cost of what you’ve spent on ads. So, how can you lower the cost of your Facebooks ads, to save you and your business money, while still drawing in new customers?

What are the factors that affect high cost on your Facebook ads?

  • Ad quality and relevance

Facebook keeps track of how people interact with your post (likes, comments, etc.) and how often they click on the call to action at the bottom of the ad. Ads that are interacted with more are shown more often by Facebook. Which will affect the cost of your ad.

  • Target audience

Based on who you want to target, you can reach a certain amount of people. The more people you reach, the more your ad will be seen and clicked on, and the more money you will spend. Your audience should be focused enough to be relevant to whoever is seeing it, but not too focused that you don’t have a big audience either. Different regions and types of people will either increase or decrease the bid cost on your ad.

  • Time of year

The time of year greatly affects the cost of your Facebook ad. During popular seasons like holidays, costs will skyrocket, especially during sales periods.

  • Ad placements

Whether people are viewing your ad on mobiles or desktops, whether on Facebook Story or newsfeed, or on Instagram Story or newsfeed, actually affects the cost of your ad. Some receive clicks more often and others don’t, and the cost will vary depending on where your ad is placed.

  • Ad optimization

The goal you originally set for your ad campaign will affect the cost of the ad because of how often it will cause people to see your ad, and how relevant it is.

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Tips of Facebook ad strategies to get more customers at lower costs

Firstly, it’s imperative that you make your ad content good. It has to be so good, in fact, that people will not just interact with your ad, but will like and share it. Shares tell Facebook that your ad is relevant, all while lowering your cost per page view. Take it even further and nudge them to share it in your ad. Know your customer so well that in your ad copy, it’s as if you’re speaking directly to that type of person. Think of every detail of who your audience is. For example, maybe you’re an author writing for mom’s who enjoy reading books when they have a chance to relax away from kids and work. That’s very specific, which will help you better engage your audience with your ad copy, and thus, increase ad shares and engagement. Another important way to lower the cost of your ad while gaining customers is to make content that is popular. It may seem cliché, but it works. If your content appeals to the masses, then it will show up more often and be relevant to more people. That will increase engagement on your ad and increase people’s interest in it as well.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to test new objectives and see which ones lower the cost while increasing customer engagement. You never know when you may find one that works well for your business and your content.

Common reasons why your ads can be rejected

One of the big fears of any business that is running Facebook ads is if their ad is rejected. How can you avoid that? What are some of the reasons why ads are rejected?

  • Ad image or video that has dangerous objects e.g. Scissors, knives
  • Ad image or video is irrelevant to offer
  • Improper copyright usage
  • Improper grammar, sentences with ALL CAPS, or letters that confuse the audience
  • Ad caption is way too specific to an individual
  • Ad makes unrealistic claims e.g. Diet program Before and After
  • Display URL doesn’t match destination page

Final thoughts on Facebook ads

Facebook ads don’t have to cost your business a lot of money. When you know your target audience and make sure that your ads are engaging to drive shares, you can lower the cost of the ad while reaching more customers.