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A vital component of marketing yourself or your business is creating a website. A website is the face of a brand or product, so it’s easy to say that your business can be judged by the face value of your website. There are many things you can do to make your website stand out, but most importantly you have to decide what structure you want to use.

With WordPress, building a website is easy! There are a plethora of resources that can help create the site of your dreams. WordPress allows you to be as involved as you want, so the major decision when deciding how to start out is to use a WordPress theme/template or to create your website from the foundation so you have complete creative control. Let’s dive in and compare the two to find the best solution for you


Using WordPress Templates/Themes WordPress

Whether you are building your first website and design, are in a rush, or just want a little help, WordPress templates and themes are there to help you create your site from hundreds of pre-sets.

A WordPress’s theme is a foundation of a website’s design, such as font, color palettes, and more, while a template is a layout for a specific page. In a general sense, templates are under the umbrella of a theme, while a template utilizes the design elements laid out in a theme. Templates have different block designs, or various layouts where a header, footer, body of text, etc. will go. Different templates for each window or tab build a whole website, so each page doesn’t have to be the same template.

These presets can be endless, some for free, and some at a price. There are also plug-ins available that make it easier to edit blocks, such as Elementor (it is a web builder inside WordPress). But are using these predetermined designs and styles worth it, though?


Pros & Cons OF Templates/Themes WordPress

The first positive thing about WordPress presets is the minimal effort it takes to implement them into your website! This is extremely valuable, especially when you’re a beginner at website-building. The themes and templates are designed to be eye-catching and pleasing to customers, subscribers, and others that are viewing your site. This can cut down time on creation, so you can focus more on other things that are valuable for your company, organization, etc.

You also have to remember that experts have created these themes. Graphic designers, coders, and others who have education and experience with website creation are the ones creating these themes for you. If you are looking at a theme, you are unlikely to be a coder or designer, so leave it to the professionals.

These themes and templates can cost money, but most of the time, the presets are cheap. Instead of spending money on design or coding classes, you can spend a fraction of the cost on presets. Though, sometimes it can be pricey, especially if you are looking to make the website at the lowest cost you can. A negative about using WordPress presets could be the lack of personalization. Since your website is supposed to embody its subject, a theme may not be able to fully express your ideas. While there are many options, you may never find the perfect one.

You also have to keep an eye out on your themes/templates and make sure that the creators are trust-worthy and well-known, so they will last for as long as you need them to.

Lastly, sometimes themes may have issues or bugs. If this happens, it needs to be fixed by the developer. This can be an inconvenience for you and your company, and it’s something you won’t be able to control.
Highland coffee global web design portfolio mockup
Highland Coffee Global web design portfolio mockup

Custom Built WordPress Websites

With custom built websites, you are able to fine-tune every detail and understand the ins and outs of your website. While it takes a little longer to build a custom website, you are able to perfect your website to your own liking.

Some say that custom built sites are the superior option because you are creating something unique that no one else has. Let’s look into the pros and cons for this option, so you can decide for yourself!

Pros & Cons of custom WordPress Website Design

While there are pros and cons to every decision, you are able to really control the outcome of your own website depending on your budget, team, and resources with customizing it yourself.

Like mentioned before, customizing something means that you can make it unique and perfect it, so each design element will be thought out and tweaked the way you want it. This makes the site adaptable to your needs, not the other way around!

Another huge pro to a custom site is accessibility. Nowadays, people don’t just access websites through a computer. They also use phones, tablets, etc. With custom coding, you are able to make sure that your website looks good across the board, with no issues from switching platforms. With a template, you have no say in what your website looks on any device other than a computer.

SEO is another important factor to consider. Search Engine Optimization is vital for companies that want to be found by people in search engines. It can help boost views of your company through your website. You are able to personalize your own details for this to make sure that your design/content is doing the most it can to boost SEO. Our SEO services here.

You can also add on to a custom website. As you or your company grows, you are able to customize different features and add on technologies that might not be available for themed websites.

There are some things to consider before deciding to create your own website though. Budget could be a con, depending on the team you want to build to create your website. A lot goes into making one, so you may have to hire a professional to help. Though, a pro with this is being able to go to a company or professional you worked with for the website if you ever have a problem.

Also, the other main con is the time it will take to make a custom website. It’s no secret that a theme comes with a click of a button, but building your own website from scratch can take some time!

Custom WordPress at Work IMIM Malaysia

Five Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Should be Custom Built:

  1. It will be completely unique from any other website, making it fit with your brand or company.
  2. If there is a problem with the website, you are able to fix it yourself or go to the company that has helped you with any issues.
  3. SEO, a huge marketing component, will be improved.
  4. Your site will be customizable across all browsers.
  5. Your website can evolve with you and your business.

Final thoughts

While the ease of a theme or template might be tempting, usually it’s better to take the time to build something that you will know and love! It’s very similar to baking a cake. Templates are like store-bought cake mixes. Yes, they work and are good. In fact, they are easy and less time-consuming. But nothing can compare to homemade cake (custom built websites). You are able to control what goes in it, and with time and effort, your plan is executed flawlessly to create something amazing.

If your time and budget allows, consider creating something from scratch that you can be proud of! It will be worth it when it translates to your website traffic and profits. Contact Us for a WordPress Custom Build website or If you like any of the template/theme from qodeinteractive.com (template/theme providers), you can reach out to us for web design services from us.