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COVID-19: Enhance Your Online Business During a Pandemic (pandemic business ideas)

Covid19 Enhance business in Malaysia with the help of IMIM Website design and Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia (pandemic business ideas)

The age of digital marketing has been reshaped by this tragic pandemic we call COVID-19. The first lockdown in Malaysia started from March 17th, 2020, to April 2020 and now CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order) until further notice. Even though this pandemic has affected many businesses, we are here to guide you.

The first lockdown here in Malaysia was terrible. However, we were able to generate millions of sales for our clients.

Generate millions of sales, you ask? (pandemic business ideas)

Below is a concise list of how we provided exceptional value for our clients:

Loyalty and a long-lasting relationship with our clients is our ultimate goal. We want to see clients with a big smile on their face.

This article will give an update on the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also explain how you, as the business owner, can thrive during such an unprecedented time.

Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus spikes have been on the rise throughout the month of October in Malaysia. On October 7th, there was a spike of 691 new cases.

However, since October 9th, that number has decreased to 379 new daily cases. On November 3rd, Kuala Lumpur reported 1,032 new Coronavirus cases. Parliament may close if any positive infections are reported within the government.

Taking control of the situation right now is your best opportunity to grow!

Businesses in Malaysia have been and can be enhanced in multiple ways.

What if you found a solution to solve your business under such conditions?

What if you were able to improve your website and generate more leads?
Clear your mind and get ready to get mind blown on how we can transform your business into the new reality. Imagine your business thriving going into the new year.

Now that would be a great goal!

How Can (pandemic business ideas) Help You Achieve Your Online Presence?

Social media stats in malaysia

In this transformative world of social media, businesses are thriving through social media marketing. Overall, about 49% of the world’s population has a social media account.

Guess what? That is about 3.8 billion on this planet. Now, let’s zero in on social media stats in Malaysia. As you can see from the chart above, Facebook is killing it with a growth range from 80-85. Each social media platform is starting to grow as we approach year-end. For example, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube are beginning to inch upwards in growth.

Social media is a significant contribution to your overall marketing plan to generate leads, grow your presence, and allow clients to stay loyal.

The first step is to grow your social media marketing presence. How can IMIM help you achieve this goal?

We have a step by step process. Check out our formula below!


No surface-level thinking here. We make sure we understand the message you are trying to convey to your clients. Also, we discuss services that will help your business thrive through social media.


Do you have a target market? Does your target market need updating during this time of travesty? We have the tools to help you identify your target audience. Ask yourself these two questions, “are our platforms up to date? Are we using the correct social media platforms to drive traffic?” At IMIM, we will help discover which platforms are the best fit.


We take the load off your hands by managing every aspect of your social media platforms. Your success will jump tenfold through our deliberate strategies from engagement, social media postings, and ad management.


performance analysis is our last step. We create reports to analyze your performance on all social media accounts.

The most prominent online social media marketing services booming right now are content marketing, paid media, and organic reach.

Wouldn’t it be great to get involved with one or more of these booming social media services?

The New Age of Digital Advertising (pandemic business ideas)

Remember those advertising agencies back in the 1990s? Fast forward 25 years, and you’ve walked into the age of digital advertising.

IMIM has transformed the digital advertising space in Malaysia. What campaigns do we offer through digital advertising? What social media platforms?

Leveraging a digital advertising agency, especially during a second COVID-19 wave, will only enhance your authority online.

Picture this scenario. You have multiple social media accounts. However, you want to develop and grow your TikTok account, a brand new form of social media.

Launching a campaign to your target audience through Social media platform is our forte. We first discover how success on social media platform can be implemented through your page.

Our process is similar to the scientific method: observation, develop a hypothesis, experiment, collect data, analyze data, then execute and report.

Next, we research various software to analyze pages that will implement a strategy to separate you from the competition.

Next is the deployment stage. Through split tests, we will launch advertising campaigns along with facts on your target audience.

Finally, we measure the outcome. We ask ourselves questions such as “what can we improve on the campaign?”

Ready to get started with a structured process and enhance your campaign usage on all social media platforms?

Let’s schedule a free call.

Developing A Beautiful Website

Mockup Rtist 3

How has your business been prospering through this pandemic? Do you want to “WOW” your customers?

The customer’s opinion forms when they visit your business website. According to SWEOR, they say, “it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site o not, whether they’ll stay or leave.”

IMIM has web developers and web designers to help design an exquisite site. Our developers have a high level of professionalism when it comes to coding your site.

Our three-step process will make sure you will have success. Our approach is as follows:

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Revise
  • Launch

From the start, we develop and organize specific requirements to meet your end goal. Once we have a site map, which includes page content and pictures, we start building.

Once we finish your website, we run it by you and walk you through rounds of revisions. We want to see a happy smiling face at this stage!

Ready…set..launch! Executing is the most exciting part of the process. We want to make sure your search engine optimization is fully responsive. Once we go through a checklist, we will schedule a meeting to launch!

Enhancing your website and improving certain aspects is critical, especially at year-end and the new year.

Schedule a free call to reinvent your website

What Can you Take Away From This Article?

COVID-19 has affected everyone across the globe. We’ve become more grateful. Also, “putting others before ourselves” has become our motto.

We LOVE, big emphasis on love, to see you succeed. We would LOVE to see a big smile when your campaigns, website, and social media presence grow simultaneously.

No matter what challenges or obstacles arise, you can always strive to be better, no matter how hard something may seem.

Your business deserves to be the best of the best.

Your business should become 1% better than the day before.

We will make sure your business thrives through digital marketing on all levels.

Are you ready to be 1% better?

Schedule a call for a free consultation today.